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Mon Feb 25 11:45:40 CST 2008

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Borries Demeler wrote:
>> If you're just curious about Access Grid and want to see what's
>> available, check out the Access Grid Scheduler at NCSA:
>> http://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu
>> All AG workshops and conferences are posted here. I'd love to be able
>> to include SATLUG meetings some time ;)
>> Snapshot of the Virtual Genomics Conference we participated in here at
the HSC:
>> http://mann.uthscsa.edu/images/access-grid/virtcon-tuesday.png
> Hey, maybe we could host a SATLUG meeting on campus and broadcast it on
the AG?
> Maybe more satlug members could participate, even though they aren't
> able to show up for the meeting?
> Steve (Kolars): Do you have sufficient bandwidth and AG equipment at
SAC to broadcast AG?
Sadly, no. :-(  We do have a lab with 10MB full-duplex.  Maybe you could
bring your portable equipment.  The meetings are normally about a
dozen.  Something like this will probably draw about 30.
> If not, we could use our AG setup at UTHSCSA.
> -b.

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