[SATLUG] Questions about Questions Update

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Feb 26 10:32:25 CST 2008

Well this worked very cool, I got a lot of very useful comments some 
funny items and great sources. Interesting too, the way the thread 
evolved into some project that I fail to understand but sounds like fun 
for those that do.

So for those who hold interest in my original pursuit here is an 
update.  Set up test box got it running w Ubuntu 7.10  and it got broke 
by midnight same day. ... I didn't do it, an Elephant sneaked into the 
RV and stepped on it ....  All I did was get Samba installed, tried to 
copy a few folders over to the test box and got stopped on permissions, 
went to install a music player on test box and found Synaptic would not 
load .... reboot grub reported "Attempt to access block outside 
partition, error 24" and hung.

So my learn for the first day was how to fix a broken linux file-system, 
then how to get permissions squared.   I cured the problem by using the 
Live CD and setting up the LAN first to get useful URLs available from 
the other box, then learned about gparted so from there it was a snap. 
un-mounting and running check on the partitions only took few minutes 
and got a clean bill. The test box then booted right up. So now I have 
learned some about permissions and how to set all files permissions that 
I want to copy to the playpen.  I now can.

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. And all the laughs, Haven't 
tried all those fun ones that Firestorm sent and I will not type the 
zapper one into a command line, thanks. I also think I will make a 
practice of DLing to the test box and opening files first here cause I 
think trying to transfer a bad .pdf book that crashes the reader when 
opened was what triggered the first crash, file getting written to out 
of partition block but I don't know enough to track that down yet. I 
wrote, 'parsing commands' on the study list, no idea what that means 
sounds sooo cool.

Anyway thanks guys for the ammo. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.


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