[SATLUG] "Growing Linux" Thoughts

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Feb 27 13:47:31 CST 2008

I have been pondering, pontifically, into my 78th orbit but still 
curious as a cat.

1. Most on this list will go out of the way and beyond the call of duty 
to help a perfect stranger switch from Windows-any flavor to Linux-any 

2. The biggest hurtle is learning how to use the CLI.

3. A few distros are getting close to rarely requiring the use of the CLI.

4. If the above is true, would it then be possible to compose a general 
paper authored and offered by SATLUG on how to switch and get out of 
DDDD (dreaded deep doo doo).

5. What would be the simplest, shortest rules and instructions needed 
that would serve in a large percent of Windows users transition?

My thoughts are scattered but I do have a few, partly covered in my 
previous post "Questions about Questions".

Your thoughts please and I will volunteer to compile and pre-edit the 

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