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>  Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 13:47:31 -0600
>  From: herb cee <hc at lookcee.com>
>  Subject: [SATLUG] "Growing Linux" Thoughts
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>  I have been pondering, pontifically, into my 78th orbit but still
>  curious as a cat.
>  Observations:
>  1. Most on this list will go out of the way and beyond the call of duty
>  to help a perfect stranger switch from Windows-any flavor to Linux-any
>  flavor.
>  2. The biggest hurtle is learning how to use the CLI.
>  3. A few distros are getting close to rarely requiring the use of the CLI.
>  4. If the above is true, would it then be possible to compose a general
>  paper authored and offered by SATLUG on how to switch and get out of
>  DDDD (dreaded deep doo doo).
>  5. What would be the simplest, shortest rules and instructions needed
>  that would serve in a large percent of Windows users transition?
>  My thoughts are scattered but I do have a few, partly covered in my
>  previous post "Questions about Questions".
>  Your thoughts please and I will volunteer to compile and pre-edit the
>  results.
>  tia
>  herb

Hi,  I am especially interested in this topic as I am preparing
the Linux Newbie course, a part of the upcoming OS Fest (Mar.
19-22).  My own ideas about Herb's post:

1. Satlug is a good resource, and I would like to include others
for the course, like these
tldp.org (linux doc project)

What about other STRONG sites for getting Linux help?

2. The CLI may be a problem for some users, but imho,
Linux is not for all, just those who want to learn how to use
it.  Since when is manipulating a computer an easy task?

3. As a SOHO user, who came over from OS/2 in 1999, I
feel that most all distros can be used with little or no required
use of the CLI.  Otherwise, I would/could not have made the
change.  My distro selection method has been - can it find
and use my NIC? - then it passes.  Any VGA, etc. problems
can somehow be solved.

4. Making the switch to Linux is what the Linux Newbie
course should address.  I am hoping that other posters will give
me some good ideas about this.

5. Top-ten list of quick transition steps?

Please let me know your ideas.

Best regards,  Howard
Howard Haradon
San Antonio, TX  USA

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