[SATLUG] "Growing Linux" Thoughts

toddwbucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Thu Feb 28 22:36:13 CST 2008

That's interesting when I made the switch from M$ I felt more
comfortable with Kubuntu as it looked more like XP.  That said I now
prefer Gnome to KDE as it seems to be more intuitive.

> Personally, I think Kubuntu is harder to use than Ubuntu. Gnome has so
> many fewer options that you don't get confused with options. Sometimes,
> especially for new users, that can be quite nice.
> > I like and use openSUSE (currently 10.3) and like KDE with it. I tried
> > Ubuntu for a while but missed KDE.
> > Specifically Konsole (the best xterm I ever saw) and the Konqueror
> > file manager.
> I don't see what is the big difference between them. The Gnome terminal
> has the same tabbed consoles. What makes Konsole better?
> > For some reason I felt no desire to try Kunbuntu which would have
> > given me these to use?
> It is very easy to install Kubuntu (i.e., the KDE desktop) on top of a
> default install of Ubuntu. I think it's something like "apt-get install
> kubuntu-desktop". Super easy. That's what I did. I am waiting for KDE
> 4.1 before I try and use KDE full time though. I really want the column
> view that Dolphin has. It's one of the main things I miss from OSX.
> IMHO, if Nautilus had a columns view, it would forever be my desktop of
> choice.
> ~Nate

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