[SATLUG] man arrested for copying own CD's

CHERYL HOLMES cherylholmes at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 1 20:15:01 CST 2008

All of those back up copies we make of our CD's are illegal too.  I heard or read someplace that M$ has a backdoor into your computers as part of the deal they made with the government to get off easy regarding the lawsuit.  We already know about Vista and DRM's.  And you should know about the spying operating systems they designed for China.  Why wouldn't they be used here.  We also know about the phone calls, and emails being monitored especially for key words by the NSA in San Francsco.  A number of e CIA have come out on the record about these things.  I can see the censorship on the net now days.  It's a lot different than it used to be.  While the country slept many of our civil rights have been removed and no longer exist.  Paranonoia has nothing to do with the trashing of the Constitution.  It just takes time to pay attention to what is really happening in the world and don't expect to get the truth from the mainstream media.  

You guys on this list are brilliant in computers, I wish I was, but my degree is in political science so I naturally pay particular attention to the dirty tricks and weapons of "mass distraction."  I don'
t think Linux is nearly as vulnerable as M$ deliberately because these engineers know what M$ is up too...Virusta is like a test!  c

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