[SATLUG] man arrested for copying own CD's

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 1 20:33:37 CST 2008

you would think that if there was a backdoor to
Windows that it would be posted all over the net.  The
ensuing backlash from the public would end up forcing
MS to change that "feature".  I dont believe it

--- CHERYL HOLMES <cherylholmes at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> All of those back up copies we make of our CD's are
> illegal too.  I heard or read someplace that M$ has
> a backdoor into your computers as part of the deal
> they made with the government to get off easy
> regarding the lawsuit.  We already know about Vista
> and DRM's.  And you should know about the spying
> operating systems they designed for China.  Why
> wouldn't they be used here.  We also know about the
> phone calls, and emails being monitored especially
> for key words by the NSA in San Francsco.  A number
> of e CIA have come out on the record about these
> things.  I can see the censorship on the net now
> days.  It's a lot different than it used to be. 
> While the country slept many of our civil rights
> have been removed and no longer exist.  Paranonoia
> has nothing to do with the trashing of the
> Constitution.  It just takes time to pay attention
> to what is really happening in the world and don't
> expect to get the truth from the mainstream media.  
> You guys on this list are brilliant in computers, I
> wish I was, but my degree is in political science so
> I naturally pay particular attention to the dirty
> tricks and weapons of "mass distraction."  I don'
> t think Linux is nearly as vulnerable as M$
> deliberately because these engineers know what M$ is
> up too...Virusta is like a test!  c
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