[SATLUG] man arrested for copying own CD's

John C satlugacct at jchampion.com
Tue Jan 1 20:59:59 CST 2008

two things here:

1) the entertainment industry is simply trying to mirror the software
industry. the software industry was successful in getting congress to
come up with these hokey laws that say that every computer in a
household must have a different paid license. well...the entertainment
industry is trying to do the same thing. they want you to purchase one
copy for your home stereo, one copy for your car, one copy for your
wife's car, one copy for your mp3 player, one copy for your pc, etc...

you see...there was a built-in secondary profit before digital copies
became so readily available. how many times did you used to buy a copy
of a cassette, play it in your car, have it stolen, or ruined and then
walked back into the store to buy another copy? this is what has hurt
the industry. people are buying and copying their own purchases and the
industry is losing out on these secondary purchases.

i know this isn't the whole story behind it but it explains some of the
motivation i'm sure.

2) there was an article on wired magazine a couple of months ago
regarding a backdoor that was discovered in the ISO encryption standard
being pushed by the NSA. you can read it here:


if you use adobe cs products for web development, there is a backdoor
that is routing traffic to 2o7.net (Omniture). it is believed that this
how adobe is tracking product use. you can read the slashdot story here:


in short...always on broadband connections are what the software
industry has long pushed for. some of you may recall that microsoft was
one of the first investors road runner. and if you go all the way back
to win95, there have been technically literates who have caught windows
products phoning home.

real products phone home. in fact, almost all windows products phone
home as companies try to figure out how to create secondary revenue
streams. they can sell your data to marketers and profit.

are they doing this? i have no idea but it does sound plausible...and no
tin foil hats were harmed in the constructions of this reply  :)

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