[SATLUG] Man arrested for copying CD's

Brian Lewis astro at astr0.org
Wed Jan 2 08:52:28 CST 2008

I hide behind nothing. I just get tired of hearing all the bitching  
and moaning and the "vote for ron Paul" shit that gets sent to this  
list by the same 3 people.

I joined this list to talk about Linux and various technology, not to  
hear political commercials and the various propaganda.

I vote for the next person who posts any type of presidential bs be  

Keep it off this list, be it in the body of your email or in your sig.  
Its just down right irritating.

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On Jan 2, 2008, at 2:33 AM, Geoff <geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu> wrote:

> Don Crowder wrote:
>> Brian Lewis wrote:
>> For the first eight or ten posts on this topic I clicked to tell  
>> Icedove that "This is Not Junk" but then I actually started reading  
>> some of the posts and changed my mind.  :)
>> Nuff said
> No it's not.  This needs to go to private mail, or these two need to  
> quit hiding behind a keyboard 'man-up' and duke it out, in the  
> streets.
> Or shut up in public about their differences.  (preferrable)
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