[SATLUG] Man arrested for copying CD's

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Wed Jan 2 09:40:36 CST 2008

Quoting Brian Lewis <astro at astr0.org>:

> Wow man, you are just so cool...
> Seriously, do you want to take me up on my offer? I'm willing to PAY for
> you to attend a semester of English 101 at SAC. It's free, you should use
> it. You should also get the stick out of your ass. Oh no I "cussed" again.
> Someone call this douche bag a "waambulance" and take him to McDonalds for
> some french cries.
> Get over yourself bro.
> -Brian
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Using pine doesn't absolve you from your own childishness of name calling...

Cussing is the appropriate term. As could be cursing, probably.

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