[SATLUG] Man arrested for copying CD's

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Wed Jan 2 12:59:30 CST 2008

Quoting Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org>:

> On 1/2/08, Ernest De Leon wrote:
>>       If the RIAA is painted as a company who destroys lives (for whatever
>> reason,) it will be put out of business.
> Yeah, but how many thousands of lives will be destroyed in the
> meanwhile?  How many bad laws will be passed in the US and around the
> world which will have chilling effects for generations to come, and
> affect millions or billions of lives?
> If the RIAA is wrong and they go out of business, it's no skin off the
> nose of the executives and lawyers who ran that business that raped and
> plundered all those poor people, so why could they possibly be bothered
> to care?
> We've got to make them care.
> We've got to get them materially and financially committed at a very
> personal and visceral level to their corporate goals, and when their
> company finally runs out of steam and in a few years is proven to have
> been wrong from Day One, we have to be able to line them and all their
> family up on the firing line and let everyone whom they have wronged
> over the years be able to take shots at them.
> No one would be allowed to kill anyone else, but you sure as hell could
> have a lot of fun maiming a few people.

Yeah, if you kill them, they don't suffer as long.

Bwa ha ha ha ha!
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