[SATLUG] [RANT] Stuff not working

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 18:21:02 CST 2008

Alex Bartonek wrote:
> You know sometimes I get tired of (insert the f word
> here) with Linux.  I have a need to write something
> for personal use and am willing to do it in C# as a
> learning tool.  I could do it in REALBasic (which I
> could crank out quickly) but want to do something
> different.
> Moving to x86_64 is good but sometimes stuff just
> doesnt work because 64-bit rpms or whatnot is not
> available right now.  
> My current gripe is Monodevelop.  Installed by default
> through yast, damn thing SIGSEGV's on me.  When it
> works for a few minutes I build a simple app
> (equivalent to hello world) and I get gtk-sharp and
> other packages not installed yet they are in yast.
> If there's one thing Microsoft has knocked down its
> that shit just works. Period.   The OS may be a piece
> of crap and it crashes, needs a reinstall after a
> while but it will just work.
>> : |
> -ALEX.

Shucks Alex, I'd give about anything to be able to write my own software 
but I can't and the reason I prefer Debian Etch to all versions of 
Windows is because stuff just works.  Allowing MS to provide me with 
with an "updated" driver completely killed the sound in this computer 
almost a year ago but the sound has worked beautifully since I replaces 
Win2K with Debian Etch. I couldn't download IE7 because it's "not 
available" for Win2K and I had real trouble playing any sort of Windows 
Media but I don't have any of those troubles now.  If I could find a 
user friendly Linux analog of Text2web Pro, which I use to create the 
online version of our ezine, I'd have no use at all for Windows.  Before 
installing Debian on this machine I bought a used XP box which I've used 
for and average of maybe 5 minutes a day over the last six or seven 
weeks.  I have a KVM switch and most of the time when I switch to 
Windows I find I haven't turned the machine on yet and, if I'm in a 
hurry, I just find another way to do whatever I was trying to do on the 
Etch machine.

Frankly, in one way or another, Windows never really worked for me. 
Most of the time I felt it was working against me in fact.

Different strokes.
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Don Crowder
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