[SATLUG] [RANT] Stuff not working

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Jan 2 21:50:24 CST 2008

On 1/2/08, Alex Bartonek wrote:

>  I was partially just pissed off which is why I said
>  stuff just works under Windows.  Its partially true.
>  I can install a programming environment and its almost
>  a gimme that it works.

Microsoft makes it trivially easy for a moron who can't even point 
and click at boxes to call themselves a "developer" and to produce 
crap, yes.

If a real programmer were to ever encounter a Microsoft environment, 
they would find it difficult to produce good code, because Microsoft 
makes it so easy to produce crap.

>                              In general I havent had
>  problems with Windows until it screws up on me.

Isn't that how pretty much all things in life work?  They generally 
work okay until they break?

And you didn't care that you were using paint with a heavy lead base 
until you're sixty years old and you don't have any grandchildren 
because all of your children developed brain damage and you never 
made the connection until it was too late?

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