[SATLUG] Automatix use with Ubuntu

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Thu Jan 3 00:29:39 CST 2008

Does anyone use this. The FAQ has this where my concern lies.

      Does Automatix2 break Ubuntu upgrades?

    * The chances of Automatix being behind the breaking of a Ubuntu
      upgrade is as high as the packages which Ubuntu releases for that
      release and the subsequent one. Most of what Automatix installs
      comes directly from the Ubuntu repositories and is installed using
      apt-get (just like in synaptic and Add/Remove). It is more likely
      that an upgrade problem lies upstream in the Ubuntu repositories.
      In fact Ubuntu has been notorious for breaking xserver packages
      several times on stable releases in the past. They have also been
      extremely notorious for passing on the blame to Automatix for
      their own failings (which they still haven't stopped doing). It is
      unfortunate that many people actually believe in this FUD and help
      spread it even further rather than trying to investigate the real
      cause of a breakage."

It leaves me sceptically concerned but looks nice. I would appreciate 
some comments from users. I like the way Ubuntu offers updating control 
with Synaptic so I do not want to damage or even hamper that feature. 
Since April I have only had one package break with an update and it was 
one I was not using so removing it cured the hangup.
Thanks herb

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