[SATLUG] Office 2003 update blocks older file formats

Justin Burdette justin.burdette at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:23:02 CST 2008

OpenOffice.org for the win! I haven't tried yet, but I'm willing to bet OOo
could even open my old WordPerfect 5 and 6 files if I could ever find the
floppies they're on...and a 5 1/4" drive to read them! Speaking of severely
outdated hardware, when was the last time anyone used an 8" drive? I used to
have one for my Commodore 64, but it (and the C64 and all its toys) were
tossed in the dumpster by family members who had no clue what they were
looking at when cleaning out the storage unit.

I've converted *MANY* people over to OOo recently. I include it on systems
that I build for my customers and I no longer offer Office 2003 as an option
(yes, they were legit copies...) I also don't offer Vista as an option...the
choices are XP Crystal Edition or a few flavors of Linux. The most popular
so far have been the Ubuntu variants and PCLOS.


On 1/3/08, Charles Hogan <cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com> wrote:
> Anyone else see this as a way for M$ to try increasing there revenue
> stream by forcing upgrades?
> alesmerises at satx.rr.com wrote:
> > Have you heard the latest idiocy from Redmond?  See the article at:
> >
> > http://www.news.com/Office-2003-update-blocks-older-file-formats/2100-
> > 1012_3-6224462.html
> >
> > Talk about big brother making more decisions for everyone (whether we
> > want it or not).
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