[SATLUG] Office 2003 update blocks older file formats

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Thu Jan 3 19:43:19 CST 2008

Excellent Borries,

I use OO all the time, and have found it to be more robust than M$ any day
of the week.

Ohhhh one other thing, I think I got to be a Beta tester for Alpha 5, a
relatively new database software product, when they come out with their
Linux module.    I am using their M$ version now and I really like it, is
easy to move around and interface.   The documentation even shows how to
interface it into a web presence.,

Glenn T

On Jan 3, 2008 7:37 PM, Borries Demeler <demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu> wrote:

> > And yes I do know about open office but as of now it is lacking in so
> > many ways that it isnt a viable alternative (and they still haven't
> > perfected the formatting and performance issues that have been around
> > since it was first released)
> >
> > Sent from my iPhone
> I beg to differ - what's the latest version you tried? I have no issues
> with
> performance on my system and use OO for everything from powerpoint
> presentations
> to book chapter or journal publications, and for spreadsheets with really
> absolutely
> no issues. I consider myself a power user, but OO is up to the task -
> really.
> The only time I am not using OO is when I do stuff which is seriously
> heavy on
> equations, in which case I use tex. But even for fairly sophisticated
> equations
> OO's equation editor is definitely up to par with other word processors.
> Compared
> to earlier versions and star office OO has come a long way. Being able to
> use an
> open format and not be forced to use these proprietary formats is worth
> every
> unpaid penny to me :-)
> On the other hand, the few times I have tried M$ office I experienced
> crashes,
> lost data and incompatibilities. Forget about it...I'll prefer OO any day.
> -b.
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