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My neighbor has been a U-verse subscriber for over 10 months now and 
continues to experience frequent drops in internet service, pixelations on 
his TV, and a fried multiplexer.  I am unaware of his package selection but 
I do know he pays over $100 /mo.  His family is very discontent with AT&T's 

As for Dish Network or DIRECTV, the only meaningful difference is in the 
channel selection available in the package offerings.  Both receive  their 
programming from the same source but each packages their channel offerings a 
little differently.  I now have DIRECTV but had Dish for 7 years.  If AT&T 
succeeds in buying-out Dish Network, I can't see that as a positive IMHO. 
You will probably be happy with either; just stay away from U-verse. 
Telephone lines were not developed with the idea of multiplexing sound, 
video, and data on a copper strand.

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I apologize for the off-topic post, but I was hoping some of you on the
list might have some experience with DishTV (or Direct TV). I'm
considering switching to DishTV throuh AT&T (they still don't have
U-verse in my neighborhood. They were supposed to by the end of 2007!)
and I'm tired of paying $65/month to TWC. I went through the ordering
process with AT&T and it shows about $51/month for the 100 channel
selection with DVR support for three TVs and local channels (yeah I can
get the local channels OTA, but the Mrs. wants to record her network
shows). My 1st question, is about how much should I expect to pay after
taxes, fees, etc.? Next, should I bypass AT&T and go straight to DishTV?
Should I consider Direct TV? Or should I just wait it out for U-verse.
Thanks for any thoughts you may provide.


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