[SATLUG] Man arrested for copying his own CD's

Mark McCoy mark at mccoyfam.net
Fri Jan 4 18:48:58 CST 2008

The media has misinterpreted the case.  The issue is not that he
ripped a legally purchased CD (which is still legal under the
"archival" part of copyright law, no matter what the RIAA says), the
issue is that he put those ripped songs into a directory that was also
used by a P2P app.  Since the P2P app "served" the songs out without
his knowledge, he is still technically guilty of illegal file-sharing.

The (MP|RI)AA really loves P2P because it is so easy to go after
everyone who downloads a song/movie, since because of the way P2P
works, a downloader is also an uploader!

I try to only use media that I ripped myself, and don't have anything
to do with music sharing.

Mark McCoy
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