[SATLUG] Ubuntu updates problems continued

CHERYL HOLMES cherylholmes at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 5 12:51:10 CST 2008

Thank you  John....You mentioned several of the exact issues I'm having, I'm sure not even knowing it.  I also have an Nvidia video card.  Something I did that seemed to magnify the freezing issue is I downloaded the Nvisia "restricted" driver from Applications>Add/Remove Software> searched under restricted drivers for Nvidia..Big mistake for my machine...It changed the screen resolution and is causing me more problems I think.  The mouse doesn't seem to work properly either.  One of my friend's thinks the change in the screen resolution (which made everything too large on screen now) is the culprit with this but since installing the driver which did change the resolution, many things on the top bar have disappeared.  Applications>Places>Sy>some symbols, date and time show only.  I tried to figure out how to uninstall the restricted driver but couldn't.  I also can't figure out how to change the resolution since that doesn't show up on top anymore.  All I am doing is
 stalling the ievitable "reload" at this point, I'm afraid.  Everything worked great without all the updates. :o(

My soundcard is the SoundBlaster Live 5.1, something Ubuntu doesn't seem to like and it definately doesn't like my generic multi smart card reader or Mom's digicam which unloads using a USB.  It sort of like my HP G85 Officejet printer since it works more often than the soundcard.    If I do a reload then  the oonly things that usually don't work are the smart card reader and the camera.  Go figure...Did I mention my Logitech mouse pointer goes whereever it wants too but not where I want it too most of the time and also freezes since the restricted driver install.  I learned the hard way now to stay away from those!

I shocked myself being able to install a serial modem on Mom's now Ubuntu machine too!  Took me all night but I figured it out.  My Linux engineer friend says it was because I still think like a Win person and he gets too frustrated with me.  That's a hard habit to break after so many years.(Unfortunately dial up is all that's available where Mom lives)

I think if I actually break down and buy the new Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon book which is coming out (or may be out this month) I can learn this a lot faster and easier.  Main thing is to break the MS stronghold on my brain that has been there since it was introduced.  I can still remeber using DOS only as an operating sytem before MS...cheryl 

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Congratulations on making "the switch". I have even managed to do it
at work thanks to Vmware which satisfies the MS centric network
managers. The result is I have more control over my computer and it is
much faster even when the VM is being "managed" and patched to death..
Thanks Dual-Core.

I also what to congratulate you on your success at getting others to
try Linux. I have been less than successful there.

As to your freezing, I have a box at home that has started doing that
at first in XP and now in Ubuntu 7.10 as well. I started swapping out
hardware and made the problem less frequent by removing one of the two
memory sticks and downgrading the Nvidia video card. On boot up, Linux
complains about the AGP window or something (I forget the exact
message.), unfortunately there is now adjustment for that in the BIOS.

I'm still plinking around with it. Good luck with your problem.


On Jan 5, 2008 1:56 AM, CHERYL HOLMES  wrote:

>  Herb, I have had problems with Ubuntu updates too.  Like others have said, I too rs a bigtime
Windows person.  Never again though!  I hope to learn a lot from
people in the Linux community and hope to be a very advanced user
sometime in the future.  cheryl



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