[SATLUG] off the topic: minix

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 5 15:46:51 CST 2008

Since I can not get wireless with a 64 bit Linux kernel, I got a hold of a slow 200~300 mhz computer. On that computer, I would like to install a 32 bit *nix that works with my wireless network adapter. I'd also like cups for my printer to be shared on the network using that computer. I'd like to have a second network adapter that will connect to my desktop with 64 bit FC8 thought a crossover cable in order to share the wireless internet to it. I've been playing with Minix 3 in VMware Server, and I'd like to install it on that slow computer. Does ndiswrapper work in Minix 3? I've already found out that ndiswrapper will not work in FreeDOS, so that OS is out of the question. If not, should I use ipcop? Otherwise I am thinking of running Debian with no gui, but should I use stable, testing, or unstable? I guess there's no reason to have bleeding edge software for something that just has two functions, share the wireless internet to 64 bit Linux and share the printer on the
 network. I would use Minix 3 if I knew it could do both of those.

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