[SATLUG] this gadget caught my eye!

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Jan 6 18:42:27 CST 2008

Brad Knowles wrote:
> On 1/6/08, Borries Demeler wrote:
>> Here is a new Linux gadget reminiscent of TIVO and reasonably priced.
>> It has all the right connectors, and entirely open source. Can record
>> to microdrives and USB drives, and does all of this in mpeg4:
> No, it's not really like a TiVo. It's more like a VCR or DVD recorder, 
> in that it lets you play and make digital copies of the output from 
> these kinds of devices. Like old-style VCRs, you can program it to 
> record at certain times and to use the external IR blaster to control 
> a TV or cable box, but it doesn't have it's own cable or 
> satellite-like TV Guide service (so that you could set it to record 
> certain shows whenever they come up as opposed to just recording 
> certain time slots on certain days regardless of what might actually 
> be showing at that time), and it's not networked in any way so that 
> you can play it back from a client of your choice.
> It doesn't integrate any storage, either.
> So, take an old-style VHS VCR. Strip out the tape drive and replace it 
> with a card reader for a few different types of removable cards, as 
> well as a USB port so that you could plug in external hard drives. 
> Take the rest and re-implement pretty much exactly as-is using 
> open-source software on top of a Linux OS, and give the user some 
> control over what video format to use at what screen size and what bit 
> rate.
> That's a Neuros OSD.
> Myself, I really want those other features that TiVo can bring to the 
> table.
> I want an 100Base-TX Ethernet port, as well as 802.11g/n wireless 
> networking, so that I can watch my shows from whatever local or remote 
> client I may choose to use. I want a TV Guide service, so that I can 
> set it to record my favourite shows whenever they come on, on 
> whichever channels they come on.
> I want it to have some intelligence to say that if I have scheduled 
> recordings for Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek TNG, that 
> I might also like Star Trek DS9, or Star Trek Voyager, or Stargate 
> SG-1, or any of various other SciFi shows.
> I also want the thing to be able to use network storage as well as 
> local storage, so that I can have a half-dozen Neuros OSDs in the 
> house, all set to record various different shows at various different 
> times. I want a central console where I can control all those devices, 
> and to make use of a new device I can just plug it into the network 
> and I'm done.

Holy (????) Whew thanks Brad that is a well painted picture and is all 
that possible today?

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