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herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Jan 7 00:25:09 CST 2008

Ya know I am having a hard time with this recent baiting among 
participants and when posts become boring with two people engaging in 
public disagreement.

In our internal discussion as far as the purpose of this list and 
staying on subject. I think common sense , civility and the 
teacher/student discourse should be the best goal.

I have really advanced in technical knowledge since 6/07 and the best 
most friendly help and teaching has come from this list.

Having said the above as carefully and to the point as I can I see that 
talking off topic is also important! We are a voluntary community. We 
each chose to join into this list.

We have gathered here in this virtual community to feed or share, 
hopefully both. There is also a few who seek to use this list for other 
purposes. Being the novice I mostly feed but now and then I can share. 
It feels good to pay-back, the ego is stroked. I then see how the 
political and other off topic topics can amount to a neighbor spat and 
mostly it is solved with a bit of pouting or chest beating. In my time 
here I am very impressed.

No ego hook intended and I am sure not trolling for wild name calling 
flame war but plain fact is some very intelligent well trained 
individuals hang out here. I appreciate the pay-back that I am receiving 
and I congratulate you on running a damn good list, The rigid rules are 
not there and it all works out with little supervision so it is the 
members that make this a damn good place to go to learn Linux and sooo....

...... I made a joke before on your stance but am gonna join you John in 
announcing that I am also going to continue making backup of all my 
music onto any medium I think suits my needs. I refuse to recognize RIAA 
as a legal authority and I will join and support a claim action suit if 
intimidated by them in making these public statements, calling me and 
you a thief if we copy what we own.

Thanks folks, this thread is archived and that makes it real.
Hope I have not bored you. Freedom can be restored. There is basis for hope.

John Chalinder wrote:
> "People who are tired of stacks of DVDs and VHS tapes in the living 
> room may find the Neuros an inexpensive way to tidy up: an entire 
> library can be archived on a U.S.B. hard drive."
> I see only one drawback to this: RIAA! This will provide one more 
> platform, and one more group to victimize in its relentless persiut of 
> proprietary greed. I certainly hope not; but with their track record...

HEHEHE John remember from a prior post 'I wonder if they hireing bounty 
hunters'   .... sorry  just couldn't resist.

I think I'll get one, just to join the ranks of the electronic freedom 
fighters. I will not load anything I haven't already purchaced; but will 
defy any company to take me to task for 'fair usage' of the materials I 
purchase legally. I know some good lawyers in a few states who could 
effectively argue my case, and would take it on a contingency basis.

On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 10:44:43 -0600 (CST)
 Borries Demeler <demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu> wrote:
Here is a new Linux gadget reminiscent of TIVO and reasonably priced.
It has all the right connectors, and entirely open source. Can record
to microdrives and USB drives, and does all of this in mpeg4:

Review in NYTimes:

home page:

Does anyone have one of these?


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