[SATLUG] this gadget caught my eye!

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Mon Jan 7 00:09:53 CST 2008

On 1/6/08, Todd W. Bucy wrote:

>  why don't you just set up a mythbox, with mythbuntu or some other myth
>  disto?  The latest mythbuntu it does all those things and offers more
>  functionality in that mythtv, unlike TiVo, allows for the editing, for
>  your own personal amusement of course, of the material you recorded.  I

I could do this, but that wasn't the original question.

More importantly for me, I want something that will be able to stream 
video to AppleTV devices or my iPhone, which I don't think that 
MythTV will be able to do, or at least won't be able to do it easily.

Either way, with multiple tuners, and wanting to be able to store 
several terabytes of data, this is going to be a complex system, and 
I want to be able to take advantage of hardware acceleration of the 
encoding or conversion processes (if there are any).

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