[SATLUG] This list Linux/Political

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Tue Jan 8 12:18:40 CST 2008

Jonathan Hull wrote:
> I'm pretty much in agreement with this. SATLUG should provide exactly
> what it provides now. If you want to have political debates, please
> take them elsewhere. Another system should not have to be set up just
> for a few debates that can easily be held somewhere else.
I agree with your sentiment. political discussions do not belong on the
list.  Unfortunately this sentiment does not match the reality of our
current dilemma.  The espousal of political views on this list has
become pretty regular occurrence on the list.  Given that it is an
election year and that there are several very colorful presidential
candidates I am sure that we will see more in the coming year.  It seems
to me that if we want to see political discourses on this list reduced
we have two choices:

1) start banning people, regardless of their technical ability, who
consistently violate the rule
2) offer a venue where these issues can be discussed in the proper
context and off the tech list.

I know that there is a plethora of such sites but none of these are
composed solely of the SATLUG community. And I know that SATLUG is not a
political association but the fact remains that many SATLUGers are
expressing themselves regardless of this. none of us exist solely within
the context of our love for open-source  as such our organization also
exists within the same context of our members.  Restricting
communication and personal expression (be it technical or political)
runs counter to the open source ideal.  Again we can start banning and
or sanctioning people who break the rules but given that this would have
to be applied equally regardless of technical ability, we could soon end
up banning our most talented technicians (something that I think no of
us really want to do) or can provide an area where such conversations
can take place. 

please remember I am only trying to help.  I do not want to see people
banned. I do want to see restriction upon free speech within our
organization (although I understand the pragmatic need to do so).  I do
not want to deal with politics when I am trying to get advice on how to
fix my system.  I do not think I should have to sort through the
political BS to get my computer fixed.  Pragmatically speaking these are
conflicting wants I am therefore trying to seek a pragmatic solution to
the problem.


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