[SATLUG] This list Linux/Political

Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Jan 8 12:57:49 CST 2008

Daniel J. Givens wrote:

> My point is, I think a general political debate forum (in the form of mailing
> list or forum) is completely outside the scope of what a Linux users group
> mission is. 

I disagree.  Any LUG is a users group, most commonly for users in a 
particular community.  Why shouldn't community members have a place to 
voice their opinion on something -other- than just the strict Linux 
topic?  There's some of us who are interested in talking Ham Radio and 
using linux and some of the programs for digital communication.  There's 
mythtv, which, for me, goes the way of a 'special interest group' from 
within then linux community.  Why should those subjects be different 
from politics?  It's just something else to discuss.  Who knows?  One of 
us, or us as a group, might even come up with the answer to all the 
worlds problems ;-)

We'll never know if we don't try.

A: Yes.

> Q: Are you sure?

>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.

>>> Q: Why is top posting annoying in email?

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