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On Tue, 08 Jan 2008 13:31:30 -0600, Geoff <geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu> wrote:
> All the more reason for a separate list, yet still related to -our
> community- to discuss those things that are -not- on the topic of linux
> (like how the Dallas Cowboys suck, how Jeff Gordon is a pansy, why
> Oklahoma and LSU were allowed to play in a bowl game, or, for that
> matter, why the refs don't call obvious founds committed on the Spurs,
> when the team is playing on the road.)
> We -all- have Linux in common, -now-.  What *else* might there be, that
> we, as a community, could discuss (besides the above mentioned items
> -and- politics, religion and -her-) where we might find -yet another-
> common interest, or (heaven forbid) even forge a friendship with someone
> in our community, because we discover that there's more in common for
> some of us, than just Linux?  I'm not advocating a 'singles' type place,
> so don't ~even~ go there... but why not just a 'general discussion' area
> where we can be the social animals we are?

I think a singles type list would be awesome! 

A general discussion list isn't a terrible idea and could be the only
answer. Regardless, I think things should be kept respectful, something
that's been overlooked in some of the recent heated discussions. I just
would hate to see someone developing a grudge on one list bringing it into
the technical list. I think that's the biggest risk you run into. I've
seen it happen in my first LUG.

I would mainly suggest it at least be discussed at the next meeting. That
would be the most appropriate action to take in my mind. At the very least
a vote could be taken.

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