[SATLUG] SuSE 10.3 and Automatic Updates

Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Tue Jan 8 14:13:43 CST 2008

Todd W. Bucy wrote:

> first, Your welcome Geoff anytime.

I wish the other 128 would have worked with the two 256's... or I could 
find another pair of 256meg rambus ram (pc-800-45, in case anyone has some)

ain't it grand to know what we can accomplish, as a community? 
(I know, I know.. I'm like a dog with a bone, once I get 'focused' on 

>   This may be the case with your system as if I try to update I get the same behavior.  Also this happened to me on
> Feisty as well, eventually the repositories were updated and the system corrected itself.

5 days worth?

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