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herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Jan 8 14:24:22 CST 2008

pixelnate wrote:
> Todd W. Bucy wrote:
>> Should we now ban all discussions not
>> directly related to technical issues or would it be more prudent to
>> segregate such issues from the technical list onto a voluntarily
>> subscribed to off-topic list?
>> Todd
> This begs the question: what if somebody brings up a topic like 
> software patents or licensing issues related to playing DVDs on your 
> linux laptop? While not purely technical in nature, both topics could 
> be relevant to a discussion about open source and both are certain to 
> involve politics. Could a person get banned for discussing such a 
> topic? What about discussing legislation being considered in Great 
> Britain that would outlaw any software/hardware tool that might 
> possibly be used for unlawful purposes, even though they can be used 
> for lawful ones? I am sure you understand where I am going with this.
> Topics that involve linux and open source are not always entirely 
> devoid of political relevance. Certainly Richard Stallman could not be 
> considered apolitical.
> ~Nate
Ya know I started this thread with a desire to congratulate the list 
with stopping what almost got out of hand but was controlled without 
anyone getting banned. Personally I think this list stays on topic most 
of the time and the small personal notes that pass back and forth, even 
the occasional raising of neck hair seems to me to be a friendly place 
rather than a stiff rigid discussion.

Again I repeat you guys are great lets muddle on, I like it here and I 
think being an old dude makes you guys a success because i am now at 
least running Linux as a direct result of Danial G advising me to try 
Ubuntu instead of struggling with Fedora several months back.

Congratulations list

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