[SATLUG] SuSE 10.3 and Automatic Updates

John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Tue Jan 8 14:57:13 CST 2008

On Jan 8, 2008 1:58 PM, Geoff <geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu> wrote:

> Ok, this is getting annoying...

First thing I do on all of my SUSE boxes: Remove all software that mentions
Zen/rug/zypp/red-carpet.  Next thing (assuming that you use the other repos
that I have mentioned several times--can dig up if needed) is to install
yum/rum.  The yum/rum is optional, as `you` is generally good enough.

Since I've been at the gui now (5 days?) every single stinking time I
> sit down here, there's a message saying "new software for your system is
> available".  Ok, fine.

This is especially apparent when running the extra repos, but no big deal...

I click on the icon, I click on 'details' it's amarok, version 4492-0.
> Every time.

I recommend going to the YaST GUI and starting `Software Management`.  Once
there, I would select "Installation Summary" from the "Filter" drop down,
and check the "Keep" box.  Click on the "Versions" tab on the lower left
window dialog.

Now scroll to Amarok, should not be hard as the list is alphabetical.
Either reinstall or update it, and it should clean itself right up.  If you
want to continue to scroll, anything that is Blue indicates that the

On my system, there are 3 different versions, the 10.3, 10.3 Updates, and
Packman.  I currently have the packman version (1.4.8-100.pm.2) installed
(PackMan tends to have the unadulterated versions of media programs, xmms
and k3b for example).

It's -always- been amarok, the version has always been the same, I tell
> the system 'go get it', it asks me for my root password, I give it, it
> goes through the gyrations and acts like it's getting it, and then the
> system goes and checks the repositories again, and comes back and tells
> me "new software for your system is available".  Ok, fine.

`YOU` via  Zen sucks.  Bad.  It is a processor hog, it takes forever to
update repos.  I recommend its dismissal ASAP.

> am i being clear enough in the problem description?

Yep.  Zen/Red Carpet sucks.


Zen/Red Carpet.


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