[SATLUG] OT maybe not sure....POP and IMAP access on the UTSA campus

Kase Saylor h_oudini at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 8 16:06:15 CST 2008

Jeremy Mann wrote:
> Todd, its probably due to security procedures. Webmail is less likely
> to get attacked than POP and IMAP services. If they're anything like
> the HSC, we don't have POP/IMAP any more for campus mail.
> On Jan 8, 2008 3:22 PM, Todd W. Bucy  wrote:
>> can someone explain to me why the UTSA admins would block POP access to
>> students?  trying to get my email on campus is a real pain in the but as
>> I cannot access my ISP mail directly but have to use their lame webmail
>> as opposed to thunderbird.
>> Todd
>> --
I asked the UTSA support staff about IMAP access to the new GMail 
powered UTSA email and they said they should have IMAP support starting 
in the summer. If you're still using the lonestar email, you need to go 
to ASAP and enable your new UTSA email account. At least the GMail 
interface is much better than the lonestar one. Now if you're referring 
to accessing another email account from the UTSA Rowdy network, then, 
yes, it is pretty annoying that they're blocking POP access.


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