[SATLUG] Re: USB device encryption

Brinkley Harrell jbharrell at fusemeister.com
Tue Jan 8 17:54:52 CST 2008

John Ziriax wrote:
> The worry is the loss of an unencrypted drive. The problem is to be
> able to read the drive in any computer you choose.
> The limitation appears to be that a privileged account is required on
> each computer for an initial install. So public computers would be
> out.
> I would like to combine it with some Portable Apps too.
> Ii'll look a PGP later.
TrueCrypt in the "traveller" installation mode (software + encrypted 
file on device) does not require admin mode to install anything. You run 
the software and mount the volume. On Windows with device automatic 
interaction enabled, TrueCrypt will use the autorun.inf file to invoke 
the TrueCrypt application for you. I use it this way with any Windows 

On my Linux system, I have the TrueCrypt binary installed. It will read 
and process the exact same file on the USB device.

In fact, I have a fully encrypted USB drive as a device that I use the 
Traveler software to mount. In other words, I can use the second USB 
drive to mount the device.

TrueCrypt is cool -- coming soon to a Mac near you -- and that will give 
and that will give  you full spectrum computer device management.

Brinkley Harrell

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