[SATLUG] netstat help

Kase Saylor h_oudini at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 11 10:53:33 CST 2008

Are there any nestat gurus on the list? We use 'netstat -g' a lot for 
verifying subscription to multicast groups, but we find that if we have 
a gateway defined in /etc/network/interfaces that the response from 
netstat is very slow (a few second per line returned). I've looked at 
the source and it seems that the '-g' option tells netstat to get info 
from /proc/net/igmp and I can 'cat' that file with no delays, so I 
assume that maybe the network libraries that netstat uses must do 
something "behind the scenes" when functions from the library are used. 
Anyhow, does anyone know what causes the slow response?


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