[SATLUG] Job Openings

Brian Lewis astro at astr0.org
Fri Jan 11 14:57:44 CST 2008

Hey List,

The company I work (a VERY well known tech company in town) for has a few
job openings. I don't have a detailed list of the job description but
basically we are looking for the following:

Several Level 1 Technical Support reps (REAL support.. you will be using
Linux and Windows. A good working knowledge of DNS, php, mysql asp, IIS,
.NET , MSSQL, .htaccess, and various other related technology.)

We are also looking for 4-5 Mid level software developers, 1-2
entry/junior level software developers, and 1 web designer.

I will update the post with more details.

Just a note, If you have a shady work history, a criminal record, or are a
drug user, this company isn't for you. I don't want to seem rude, but we
need SOLID people and that is why I've posted to this list. This isn't to
offend anyone or be bias but we do perform a VERY thourogh background
check and anything that you may not want discovered will be discovered. (I
forgot about a temp job I had when I was 16 and it came up.. it's very

That being said, if you are a stand up person and would like the
opportunity to work with some of the coolest technology, reply to me
personally and I will at the very least, get you an interview.

We do provide a full (and competitive) benefits package including medical,
dental, vision, 401k, profit sharing, and a FUN work environment with a
casual dress code and a nack for innovation. Pay is DOE.

Also note I am not a recruiter for the company, just an employee trying to
help fill some positions we have as well as provide our customers with a
better support.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly. When
replying send me your resume and any let me know a bit about you. Perhaps
we can all meet up for drinks one night and I can provide much more
details. I will NOT reveal the company name here, but when you get called
by one of our recruiters, you will receive that information and more.

Thanks everyone,

PS. Once I receive details of the exact job description, I will post it
here for anyone interested.

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