[SATLUG] Partition Table Repair

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Fri Jan 11 15:51:42 CST 2008

A virus got into my desktop and wiped out all the
partition tables (Linux & W98Se) and I can't access
the drive, not even as a slave.

Gparted can't see anything on the drive other than
37mb total non allocated space.  

Not sure if I tried winging-it and guessing the hda1
W98SE size (and not reformatting FAT32) would work or
worsen things (have a lot of jpegs I'd hate to lose).
 Unfortunately I didn't record the partition allocations.

Question: Is there anything OSS or Commercial, that
works, not some snake-oil application that promises
but doesn't deliver (and usually makes things worse).

Any suggestions ~ recommendations ?   TIA  Lou

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