[SATLUG] Partition Table Repair

Stephen Gutknecht (RoundSparrow) Stephen at RoundSparrow.com
Fri Jan 11 16:26:08 CST 2008

My advice:

1) Put some kind of value on your time and how much effort you want to
spend.  If you don't have backups, take it as a lesson learned.
Probably worth a few hours of effort, but is it worth days + cost
hiring professionals?  Helps to have some kind of limit in mind and
know when you have reached it.
2) Mirror the whole drive using a tool like dd that does a complete
sector by sector copy.  Don't try to recover on your one and only
copy.  Often recovery attempts make things WORSE.

If you don't have another physical drive to work with (dd destination)
you could use a product like Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, KVM, or VMWare
on a second computer.  I know for certain that you can boot Trinity
Rescue Linux in a Virtual PC 2007 system and it would allow you to be
a dd target with a virtual hard disk instead of having to have a
second real hard disk.  Works over network too.  Even a USB hard disk
or something would work.  Key here is DO NOT try to recover on your
one and only copy of the sectors.

Now as for where to go from there... lots of tools, might want to ask
directly if someone with more experience wants to take a stab a it.
FAT32 is one of the more easy to repair systems... what was your Linux
- ext2/3?

  Stephen Gutknecht
  Canyon Lake, TX

On Jan 11, 2008 1:51 PM, scs at worldlinkisp.com <scs at worldlinkisp.com> wrote:
> A virus got into my desktop and wiped out all the
> partition tables (Linux & W98Se) and I can't access
> the drive, not even as a slave.
> Gparted can't see anything on the drive other than
> 37mb total non allocated space.
> Not sure if I tried winging-it and guessing the hda1
> W98SE size (and not reformatting FAT32) would work or
> worsen things (have a lot of jpegs I'd hate to lose).
>  Unfortunately I didn't record the partition allocations.
> Question: Is there anything OSS or Commercial, that
> works, not some snake-oil application that promises
> but doesn't deliver (and usually makes things worse).
> Any suggestions ~ recommendations ?   TIA  Lou

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