[SATLUG] Partition Table Repair

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Sun Jan 13 00:24:35 CST 2008

I have a WD HD on a Win XP system that crapped out on me (I think there 
was some kind of HW failure), and when I tried to get XP to recognize it 
as a secondary drive (after I put in a new one as a primary), XP decided 
to start formatting it before I got a change to do some data recovery 
(damned XP!!!).

I tried several products I found to try & recover my files, and I found 
one that was able to recover something over 90% of my files.  It's 
called "Quick Recovery", and they have Windows (various flavors), Mac, & 
Linux versions.  It is available at www.unistal.com, and it cost $69 for 
the Windows version (prices vary for other versions).  The other 
software packages I tried could only find something in the single-digit 
percent range in terms of the quantity of files, and most turned out to 
be files that were useless to me.

Now "Quick Recovery" not without its problems (it has a number of bugs 
in the user front-end when it actually comes time to recover the files), 
but considering that the MBR was corrupted & rebuilt, and the drive was 
partially re-formatted (it wasn't allowed to finish), and it still found 
and successfully recovered such a high percentage of files, I don't 
think the price was too bad or the bugs that much of a deal-breaker.  
It's just been a time-consuming proposition trying to sift through so 
much data to find the stuff that was not on the previous back-up that I 
really need.

scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> A virus got into my desktop and wiped out all the
> partition tables (Linux & W98Se) and I can't access
> the drive, not even as a slave.
> Gparted can't see anything on the drive other than
> 37mb total non allocated space.  
> Not sure if I tried winging-it and guessing the hda1
> W98SE size (and not reformatting FAT32) would work or
> worsen things (have a lot of jpegs I'd hate to lose).
>  Unfortunately I didn't record the partition allocations.
> Question: Is there anything OSS or Commercial, that
> works, not some snake-oil application that promises
> but doesn't deliver (and usually makes things worse).
> Any suggestions ~ recommendations ?   TIA  Lou

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