[SATLUG] OT: Ratio of IT Staff to Employees

Eric Haugen erichaugen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 03:23:55 CST 2008

On Jan 13, 2008 2:45 AM, Ernest De Leon <edeleonjr at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have worked in shops where the ratio was 50:1 and shops where the ratio
> was 750:1.  It all depends on the size and needs of your business.  I can
> tell you that any business with only 1 full time IT person better be 50 or
> less people.  How many servers are you supporting?


>  How many operating systems?


> How many desktops?

Approx  200 Desktops About 25 Laptops & Adding about 125 a/o 03/2009

 Is your concern that you need more desktop support or more back end server
> admins?

Desktop.  Freeing me to focus on the server level obligations.

>  Do you have a lot of backups?

All together 1TB worth, but growing by about a gig a day.

>  All
> of these things will contribute to your cause.  A lot of the consulting I
> do
> in the bay area deals with companies that are short on IT staff.
>  Sometimes
> the problem stems from the fact that the overall IT budget is too small,
> but
> supplemental budgets (outside contractor pay or legal counsel for example)
> often come out of a different 'pool' of money.  Sometimes, this the only
> flexibility and IT manager has, and they hire consultants.  Being that you
> are a multi-site business, I would say that you should at least have 2-3
> full time staff to allow for travel to remote sites.  Furthermore, you
> should have dedicated front end support for the desktops and dedicated
> back
> end support for the servers.  It doesn't hurt to have consultants handle
> all
> of the new projects (that's mainly what I do) so long as the knowledge
> transfer thorough and written into the contract.  This frees up admins to
> work on day to day functions while the consultants handle the rest.
>  Usually
> IT managers hire consultants that are well versed in the areas that the
> new
> projects will be in.  This allows the project to be completed faster and
> takes up less internal man hours.  To give you a fair assessment of how
> many
> staff your organization should have, I would need to know the answers to
> the
> above questions.  Some additional answers that would be helpful are: Are
> you using active directory?


are you supporting virtualization (e.g. VMWare)?

We got VMWare ESX server and a ballsy Dell 2900 with 16GB ram. Consultant
decided to kill the project.

> What additional technologies are you using (i.e. SAN/NAS, Switched
> Fibre, iSCSI,)?

A SAN would have been part of the above project but we do have 2 NASs
primarily used as a D2D backup, all buildings are connected by fiber, 3 T1s,
we handle the entire VOIP phone system (about 280 decives), about 32

> What management software do you have in place (i.e. SCOM,
> Foglight)?

None.  What would you recommend?

>  Are you supporting a large infrastructure of any kind (be it web
> server farm, DB farm, etc.)?


> Do you actively support or interact with
> developers?

If you mean software vendor developers, yes, to a small extent.

> What type of maintenance agreements do you have in place on
> your hardware, or are you responsible for replacing parts, etc.?

Dell. 4hr on servers & NBD for workstations


Thanks Ernest!
- Eric

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