[SATLUG] OT: Ratio of IT Staff to Employees

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Sun Jan 13 11:30:44 CST 2008

I work for a somewhat large international aerospace company with a few 
dozen locations around the world.  Some are small service centers with 
only a handful of people (& therefore no on-site IT support for them), 
and a few others (like here in S.A.) have several hundred with a small 
dedicated IT staff.  There is also a central software development team 
to support our enterprise-wide internally developed & maintained 
production data collection & management system (for parts & labor hour 
tracking, inventory management, billing, etc.).

Our S.A. operation has between 700 & 750 full-time people, but not 
everyone has PCs and/or phones (the IT people also do phone system 
support).  I would estimate we have around 300-350 PCs & laptops, and a 
comparable number of phones.  The bulk of the workforce is in one 
building, with about 2 dozen in a separate building about 1/4 mile 
away.  To support this plant, we have 3 full-time IT people to cover the 
servers (which to us is a "mission-critical resource") and the daily 
user PC support.  Everything is Windows-based, but they do have some 
automated system monitoring software in place, and it appears that all 3 
people are cross-trained to support either servers or PCs/laptops 
(although I'm sure the level of knowledge between them varies).

I really can't give you detailed specifics since I don't work in that 
department, but as least you can get an idea of the workload per person.

Eric Haugen wrote:
> I am trying to convince my boss that he needs to hire possibly 2-3 new IT
> staff members since the current situation is that I am the only full time IT
> person on the payroll.  We have contracted with an outside IT firm  for a
> guy to work on some large projects and act as the department coordinator.
> Current employee to IT ratio would make that about 140:1  This would not be
> so bad if we were all in 1 building but we have 9 building on the main
> campus and 7 remote locations.
> That being said what is the ratios in you your businesses?
> Are there any articles I can use as ammo for my argument to hire some more
> help?
> So far I have come up with these
> http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=784840
> http://news.zdnet.com/2422-13569_22-155252.html
> http://news.zdnet.com/html/z/wb/6099383.html
> Thanks for your help,
> Eric Haugen

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