David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Sun Jan 13 20:57:00 CST 2008

Ernest De Leon wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that some of you heard that Amazon.com finally secured the
> right to distribute Sony BMG music DRM free.  That was the last of the four
> major record labels holding out.  Now Amazon is the only large online
> retailer to offer music from all four major record labels DRM free for
> download.  There is some discussion about watermarking the music at the
> moment, but two of the four labels want nothing to do with it, while the
> other two are using anonymous watermarking.  Who knows how the watermarking
> may evolve or not, I'm just happy that the big 4 have given up on DRM as we
> know it.  I know that I'll be buying from Amazon from now on.  Hopefully
> more people will switch from iTunes and Rhapsody and force them to comply.
> It was great to watch the record companies be brought to their knees in the
> process.  I like to think that we knew it would happen all along.

People won't switch from iTunes. Most users couldn't give a crap about 
DRM. However, this push will probably give Apple the balls to say, 
"Guys, look they're doing it. You should too, or maybe we'll quit 
selling your music."

They've definitely got the clout to do it.


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