John C satlugacct at jchampion.com
Sun Jan 13 22:32:50 CST 2008

David Kowis wrote:
> Ernest De Leon wrote:
>> I'm pretty sure that some of you heard that Amazon.com finally 
>> secured the
>> right to distribute Sony BMG music DRM free.  That was the last of 
>> the four
>> major record labels holding out.  Now Amazon is the only large online
>> retailer to offer music from all four major record labels DRM free for
>> download.  There is some discussion about watermarking the music at the
>> moment, but two of the four labels want nothing to do with it, while the
>> other two are using anonymous watermarking.  Who knows how the 
>> watermarking
>> may evolve or not, I'm just happy that the big 4 have given up on DRM 
>> as we
>> know it.  I know that I'll be buying from Amazon from now on.  Hopefully
>> more people will switch from iTunes and Rhapsody and force them to 
>> comply.
>> It was great to watch the record companies be brought to their knees 
>> in the
>> process.  I like to think that we knew it would happen all along.
> People won't switch from iTunes. Most users couldn't give a crap about 
> DRM. However, this push will probably give Apple the balls to say, 
> "Guys, look they're doing it. You should too, or maybe we'll quit 
> selling your music."
> They've definitely got the clout to do it.
> David
you're close...actually...itunes has become a powerful force that the 
labels do not want to feed any longer. the only way around it is to come 
up with their own format and all the drm schemes and 
"rental"/subscription plans have failed miserably except for those who 
really never knew what subscription meant.

i have followed this closely. there are two avenues of current news...

1) the EFF (heroes in my book) have files an amicus brief in the case of 
the guy who the RIAA said was ripping his own cd's into a "shared" 
folder. the EFF contends that merely placing something into a shared 
folder is not a violation of copyright but rather the act of actually 
sharing the file itself is the violation.

for those interested...you can read the brief here:

2) the music industry must rebuild itself and its model if it is to have 
any hopes of surviving in its current form. there are now children out 
there who have become consumers knowing that you don't have to buy 
music. you can find it somewhere on the internet for free. this is a 
growing group and this has been where the industry for generations has 
sucked money out of. well it's not working anymore. pop acts like the 
jonas brothers can mirror the monkey's successes except in one area...at 
the height of their popularity, the monkeys were selling scores of records.

people have to remember that in the beginning the internet was born out 
of the volunteer and give-away information efforts of the pioneers. it 
wasn't until marketers and corporate boards got involved that you began 
to see the commercialization of the internet and while it has provided 
petabytes of information, much of it is ignored or never found.

microsoft and other companies would love nothing more than to control 
the data flows on to and off of the net because that's where the money 
is. just like ten years ago there was a race to get technology to get 
into your home and into your daily life so that marketers could have a 
very clear picture of who uses what products. thus dsl and cable modems 
were born and thus why microsoft was one of the early investors in road 

control is everything and control means wealth.

that's my view...i reserve the right to be wrong.

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