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tweeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Mon Jan 14 12:28:49 CST 2008

On Monday 14 January 2008 08:24, Robert Parkhurst wrote:
> Hey All,
> I'm curious if anyone has ever worked, or knows anything about Scalix
> (www.scalix.com).
> It's an OpenSource email server and my company is kind of interested in
> maybe using it as our own.  Mostly we need it to be able to integrate
> with Outlook/WindowsMobile phones (I know, it's the devil) as well as
> the web front end so we can remotely access it and whatnot.

[CCing a couple other LUG lists on this reply]

Scalix (based on the older, now open based on HP OpenMail) can be more 
expensive than MS-Exchange at the high end:
(possible MS bias with these guys)

Scalix sounds like it mest matches MS-compatibility wise...  However can be 
very expensive on the 100% MS-Exchange version of the license is purchased.

Zimbra (recently bought by Yahoo) is the other big player in this Exchange 
replacement space.  While Zimbra is not as much of a drop in 100% replacement 
for MS-Exchange, it offers BETTER functionality and many other cool features 
(Web-services  content auto-URLizing that can tie into DB queries, PBX/VoIP 
phone dialing, XML data linking, etc) that MS-Exchange (or Scalix) has never 

So for 100% MS-Exchange compatibility, Scalix looks to be the way to go (just 
examine all the pricing before jumping in).. but if you have a lot of other 
Web-services based systems that you want to tie into (ticking system, 
shipping, PBX/phone, employee directory, etc), then Zimbra may be for you.


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