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Brian Lewis astro at astr0.org
Tue Jan 15 22:39:51 CST 2008

No, actually I just wanted to know the actual figures behind the claim  
that upgrading to vista was somehow less green. Ernest provided a good  
explanation behind his rational but did not provide numbers and  
figures as well as any type of case study or any real proof other than  
his own opinion. His blog post is assuming that every person who  
upgrades will need new hardware, thus using vista makes you "less  
green", which is hardly true.

Perhaps I wanted to use that blog post to present to a few contacts I  
have to convince them not to upgrade.

Just because someone asks for facts to back up a claim doesn't make  
them a troll, in fact, I was asking because I wanted to be more  
informed, however asking for proof to backup an opinion I'd hardly  
trying to troll/argue/start something.

You calling me a troll makes you the troll by default here. I do  
apologize if you are unable to articulate your own ideas and think  
freely and outside the box.

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>> Subject : RE: Re: [SATLUG] Sustainable IT
>> The 'numbers' are simply the idea that Vista will
>> not run well on most current business desktop
>> hardware, and the result of replacing all the
>> machines will create a lot of waste (from the older
>> desktops that will need to be recycled or disposed
> of in some way.)
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> Totally agree Ernie, seems the troll is at it again.
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