[SATLUG] program or cron job to ping internal devices & email

Channing Channing.ML at channingc.com
Wed Jan 16 09:53:46 CST 2008

twistedpickles wrote:
> Thanks but I dont't think that will work because an unsuccessful ping also returns or displays info and when piped will also be gt than 0kb
> twistedpickles 
> //Message sent from mobile handset 
I apologize if someone has already covered this as I haven't taken the 
time to read all the replies. 

If ALL you want is to know what doesn't respond to a ping, then checkout 
fping http://fping.sourceforge.net.  However, if what you really want to 
know is what device is not providing it's service, or is delayed in 
providing service, then you really should be looking at packages like 
nagios http://www.nagios.org .   If you need a web interface, the nagios 
FAQ covers that here http://www.nagios.org/faqs/viewfaq.php?faq_id=183. 

Keep in-mind that a device may respond to a ping, but the underlying 
service is provides (web, file transfer, printing, other app on another 
port) may not be working correctly, or the O/S, or network may not be 
allowing that service.  The only way to know that is if you monitor 
those services specifically, in addition to monitoring your ping results.


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