[SATLUG] program or cron job to ping internal devices & email

Jon Mark Allen jm at allensonthe.net
Wed Jan 16 13:34:56 CST 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-16 at 09:53 -0600, Channing wrote:
> Keep in-mind that a device may respond to a ping, but the underlying 
> service is provides (web, file transfer, printing, other app on another 
> port) may not be working correctly, or the O/S, or network may not be 
> allowing that service.  The only way to know that is if you monitor 
> those services specifically, in addition to monitoring your ping results.

If you're set on writing your own scripts to monitor the services (and
not use something like nagios), netcat is your friend.

For example, I can check to see if port 80 is open on a machine like
nc -vnz 80

-v is verbose, -n disables reverse DNS lookup, and -z tells it not to
send any data -- just attempt a connection.

If the port is open you will get:
(UNKNOWN) [] 80 (http) open

And if it's closed you will get:
(UNKNOWN) [] 80 (http) : Connection Refused

(The UNKNOWN refers to a reverse DNS lookup, which was disabled)

This command will produce a nice, one-line output that is easily
grepable for scripting.

Alternately, you could omit the -v flag to netcat and then it will only
produce output if the port is closed.  I prefer the -v flag, but to each
his own.


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