[SATLUG] what will they screw up next

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Jan 16 23:30:07 CST 2008

David Kowis wrote:
> You know, I can be at home, make myself a shopping list and have it at
> the grocery store too. IT'S CALLED PAPER!
And how often do you remember to take it with? hehehe
>  I'll have to build a HERF gun
> and fry all the carts...
lollol really cracked me up, have you ever heard 'Lord Buckley' He was 
weird but wrote a word song about 'super-markets' This was when they 
were just being opened and changing your world from the mom and pop 
model to the big-box world. I think I have a tape somewhere waiting to 
be loaded on the puter.

But does anyone remember that the first Kroger store was based on a 
biz-model that had a back-room of IBM punched card installation and the 
shopper used punched cards that were right beside the item. Stock was 
only displayed and as you moved past the display and chose that item the 
back room guys pulled your can, pun intended, from the actual inventory 
and pulled a punched card. Your backroom cart met you at the pay 
station. the cards were fed into a reader and your bill and total were 
printed and your can(s) were sacked. You walked out with your stuff.

 Well now we know that model failed but we shop at Kroger and the 
funding money was based on automation of the post WWII era.
lol funny world

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