[SATLUG] What All Systems has to say about Linux

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Thu Jan 17 08:51:37 CST 2008

Geoff wrote:
> jaret wrote:
>> Geoff wrote:
>>> I know I'm asking for it, but ok, Brad... how do you figure that it's
>>> inappropriate to refer to the Supercomputing Top 500 list (which has 85%
>>> of all Servers in the top 500 running Linux)?
>> I'm not Brad but I had a similar double-take. Isn't the list talking
>> about SERVERS?  If so, then Brad's right b/c different stats are
>> needed to evaluate Linux usage for the DESKTOP.
> 85% of the top computers in the world run on Linux.
> Why?
> (think about it)

The top computer list (for servers) are nice numbers to convince the 
boss to move back-office servers from Windows to Linux.  But for me the 
list has little relevance for using Linux on the desktop b/c Linux has 
not filled my desktop needs. For example two weeks ago I installed 
GnuCash and tried to convert QIF files. Didn't work. Installed 
Quickbooks on Windows. Everything works.

The top computer list (for desktops) appears to be Windows averaging 70% 
to 85%. Wikipedia link follows. Includes multiple surveys. Be sure to 
read how the surveys were conducted.

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