[SATLUG] What All Systems has to say about Linux

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Thu Jan 17 10:45:59 CST 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
> Recently my friend has been getting frustrated by the problems with Windows and all the spamming and advertising going on with it such as his software for printing trying to sell him ink, etc. I suggested that he use Linux and get all of his software for free without very small risks of viruses and similar software. Also, I'm wondering when the next install fest is, so that someone could help him get started if needed. Here's what he told me about All Systems. Could anyone comment on this or verify whether it is true or false?
> "  I'm still a little wary about Linux. I was talking to a guy at All Systems
> go about this and he said Linux does nothing for you; you have to do it all
> yourself. No windows oriented software will work for you and all the
> programs you are now using my have to be trashed.??
> Since mostly what I do is read and write email and search the web this may
> not be too bad, but then come
> having to handle picture files, playing the hundreds of tunes I download,
> hook up to my peripheral devices such a printers, scanners and fax.
> It might be a major bitch to have to re-orient all that stuff,  I JUST DON'T
> ---------------------------------
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An install fest was mentioned for Jan 26. Is there any given checklist 
to help newcomers to Linux at an install fest?  I've never been to one, 
but my checklist may look like the following and it uses the scenario 
described in this subject thread....

If I were your friend, I'd go to the install fest and ask for help with 
a Linux dual-boot. A dual-boot will allow your friend to continue to use 
Windows but also get to know Linux and build up confidence. Be sure to 
back up important files (just in case). If I was your friend, this is 
what I'd do:

(1) Make a list of what you need to use the computer for. (e.g. games, 
accounting, surfing, email, other...)
(2) Back up computer files to an external USB hard drive. Prices have 
come down. ( www.newegg.com )  Take the external USB to the install fest.
(3) Take your Windows Install CDs to the install fest. (or other 
software you find important - just in case you need to restore)
(4) Take your computer to the install fest.
(5) At the install fest, ask for help on installing Linux for a 
dual-booting. Before starting, ask if it's possible to make an image of 
your computer's current partition + boot sectors. You should be able to 
save that image on the external USB. Guessing it'll take 30 minutes or 
so. Live cds such as systemrescuecd or trinity should work.
(6) Also before starting, let the Linux assistant know if you may want 
to set up an email client (e.g. Thunderbird) that can share the same 
email files (whether in Linux or Windows). That may require modification 
to the partition tables.
(7) Show the Linux assistant your list of things you want to do w/ the 
(8) Install Linux w/ relevant packages. Dual-boot mode will allow your 
friend to play w/ Linux to see if he likes it or not.

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