[SATLUG] Mixed Network FINALLY WORKS! Now...?

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Thu Jan 17 15:04:29 CST 2008

Hey folks! I finally got all three machines (wired Windoze server, wired
Linux tower, wireless Linux laptop) talking together and sharing files.
I'm happy. My problems were on the Linux side in how I'd setup both
Samba (incompletely), and the Firestarter firewall (had the local
network blocked-out for some reason...). Anyway, now the Windoze machine
can see and share from both Linux machines, and the Linux machines can
now see each other, whereas they originally could not. Happy Daze!

Now that I've managed that, I'm almost ready to switch my Windoze server
over to Linux.

A final set of problems remains there though: The server has three
content drives, one of which has five (5) logical partitions. The
content drives are all NTFS4 (Windoze 2000 Pro) file structure (which
Linux sees as "fuseblk"). Presently, my Linux machines have no trouble
seeing or interacting with either the basic or logical drives across the
network. However, I'm wondering if I'll need to reformat or replace the
content drives, or, if I'd lose the content on the partitioned drive
when I switch over to Linux. Any thoughts?

Another question: If I initially wanted to test the cut-over, by loading
Ubuntu on my boot drive, how would I go about partitioning it? My
server's boot drive is 37GB, with 25GB space available, but apparently
had system files in the free space. Again, any thoughts?


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