[SATLUG] What All Systems has to say about Linux

Hector Bojorquez hector.bojorquez at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 09:15:55 CST 2008

1.  Linux as a server is just simply THE way to go for many, many, many
applications.  There's no doubt in my mind.  As someone who uses Linux to
create all sorts of products, I can attest to that.  I don't have to spend
thousands for simple apps, or wade through awful documentation (MSDN ..
.shiver...), and I have a responsive community.  Linux is simply
unparalleled, at the moment, for server use.

2. I would not recommend current Linux distros as a desktop OS to anyone who
does  NOT have time to kill.  The average user needs to get things done and
there are way too issues with Linux

 a.  The marketplace of gadgets simply does not support linux well.. and the
average user can't go around hunting drivers...that may or may not work.  OR
that will only work half assed.. because all of the functionality of the
gadget isn't supported by a linux driver that someone wrote on their spare
time.  Case in point... I've seen great photo printers that have built in
support for SD cards, scanning, etc...Use linux on the desktop.. .sorry
can't use all the functionality of the gadget.  It's just "quasi religious"
zealotry that makes us think the average user should bow to linux simply
because we know linux is superior on so many other levels.

b.  The GUI's are still not great.  OSX IS THE STANDARD.  Apple has always
set the standard for GUIS.  Why?  Because they're steeped in a tradition of
designing for users... a holdover from Alan Kay's stint at PARC, the Woz and
Let's break it down..
  Microsoft designers, design with the bottom line in mind (Just how
much CHEAP ASS coding can we get into this system and still make it chugg
along...Just how much BAD code can we get away with recycling... and how
much can we close off the code to keep EVERYONE out of the loop)

Apple designers tend to design with the user in mind. They always have.
When I was an Apple zealot I used to laugh at PC users who were still having
to install drivers for stupid things-- like mice. Mac made things seamless
for the user.  They still do.  Which is why when it comes to GUIS... .Apple
is still king.  And sorry "command line commandos" .. not everyone NEEDS to
use a command line

Linux designers.... well.. they strive (God bless'em) for best practices in
coding and development process.  Which is GREAT... but sometimes,
often, they simple forget about the user.  I mean ... please... why should
the average user compile a driver from scratch for a USB drive they just
bought that works straight out of the box with MS ?  And I'm not talking
simple mass storage device capabilities....say U3 capabilities?    Actually
it's NOT that Linux designers forget about the average user... they simply
aren't coding for them.. they are coding for US-- people who either have
time to hunt down drivers, etc... or whose job is in IT.  They aren't coding
for the average user..PERIOD.

Maybe one day .. but there's not enough of US geeks demanding better support
and better GUIS to make it happen... but we are content with the status
quo... because face it.. we like the byzantine language of Linux, the arcane
incantations to make something simple work ...(mount /mnt/cdrom..... lsof
-i.... ps -aux.... .blah -R )

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