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Fri Jan 18 11:42:13 CST 2008

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 08:20:37 -0800, "Ernest De Leon"
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>Not to cause a stir, but I would like to point out that CompUSA is going out
>of business.  The owner, Carlos Slim Helu (the Mexican Mega-Billionaire and
>richest man alive) has decided to close all stores and liquidate the
Not exactly. The name and many assets were sold to another company. Only
the retail stores are being liquidated. See www.compusa.com for info.

>  I'm not sure if the one in SA has closed yet, but just be
>forewarned that the warranty will be useless very soon.
Maybe not. The FAQ on the new CompUSA.com website says that service
agreements are handled by a separate maintenance company and are not
affected by the change in ownership. Check your policy to see who really
administers it, or try calling the phone number given. Whether any
particular extended warranty is transferable is in the details of the
contract.  --Don

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